Pike Road School

About Pike Road School

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Pike Road School is a PDS. PDS stands for Professional Development School. A PDS is a partnership between a university (or multiple universities) and a K-12 school system. The Pike Road Educational System for Excellence in Teaching, or PRESET, will be a collaboration with four universities: Alabama State University, Auburn University, Auburn Montgomery and Troy University.

A PDS resembles a teaching hospital for new candidates in the teaching profession. “New teachers learn to teach alongside more experienced teachers, who plan and work together, and university and school-based faculty work collaboratively to design and implement learning experiences for new and experienced teachers, as well as for students” (Holmes Partnership, 1990).

The primary focus in any school is student learning and development. A partnership between universities benefits children most because school faculty and university faculty share a joint concept of learning and use state-ofthe-art practices. New and seasoned teachers work alongside university faculty to ensure the students’ needs are met so they can reach their potential.

In a PDS system, every child has access to a magnet-like learning environment. .

Will the town provide transportation to the school?

Buses will be provided, with a goal of limiting the travel time for every child to 30 minutes or less.

Will the Town of Pike Road have its own school board?

Yes, state law requires public school systems to have boards and dictates the way in which the boards are selected. In Alabama, municipal school boards are appointed by the town council. Applications will be considered by council, and five members will be appointed to staggered terms, the longest of which will be five years. Members must reside within the town limits. 

Will the Pike Road school system accommodate children with special education needs?

The town is committed to serving these needs and plans to budget accordingly. Special needs, from learning disabilities to physical challenges, will be assessed and addressed according to demand and legal responsibility. In addition, the PDS relationship with universities will help the Pike Road system meet the needs of advanced learners.

Will the Pike Road school system provide food for students?

The school board will evaluate every potential program to determine whether it is mandatory, necessary and/or feasible. If food programs meet these requirements, they will be provided.

For more information, please visit the Town of Pike Road website at http://www.pikeroad.us